Planning Event

On June 4th after practice,  We will Skype with Jan Sendzimir from Vienna, Austria  Director of the Green Dharma Event and Member of the WWSF Preparation Team.

Our next Whole-World-Is-A-Single-Flower (WWSF) conference will be in October 2017.

One year ago Jan was invited to organize a two day event within the WWSF 2017 Conference. That event, which we currently call Green Dharma, will address questions about our increasingly uncertain world:

  1. How is this world changing as a result of ecological challenges? What signs of change are meaningful to us, and what do these trends tell us? Examples: sea level rise, temperature, soil erosion, biodiversity declines, human footprint on the earth, etc.
  2. What can (should) we do about it? Especially for Zen practitioners, what does it mean to engage this uncertainty and do something about it?
  3. What concerns you? 

We would like as many participants present as possible.  We want the event at WWSF to be fun as well as informative. Please bring your ideas and plan to attend this Skype session.

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